Company Charitable & Social Event Nanny Services

One of the newest things we are excited about and proud to offering companies is on-site nanny services for their upcoming foundation and gala events!

Our event concierge nannies are the BEST solution to your company party planning dilemma's. Concierge Nanny Services creates high-end, fun, and fully managed childcare ideas for on-site company events. Our professional and creative nannies know how to get the party started and keep the children engaged the whole time! The children arrive to find a well-structured, kid-friendly, planned event with fun and educational activities. Your employees will greatly appreciate you for providing this service.

On-Site Staffing: We can turn any kid-friendly space into a fun and well-structured playroom! We will organize all the details, and make sure all the children are occupied while the grown-ups enjoy themselves stress-free. We will make sure that the children are properly cared for and entertained throughout the entire event! We provide the best entertainment around town!

We offer different types of games and activity tables upon request! Great for all ages!

We charge a $2,500-$6,500 placement fee to be paid via emailed invoice prior to event (Depending on how many children are needing to be cared for, age range, and location) that is paid to the agency and $25.00 per hour to each nanny that is provided to the company for the on-site nanny services.  We will mail the company a separate invoice for nannies hourly rate.

Your organization provides the space for the nannies and children and we take care of all the food, snacks, and age appropriate activities.