All rates are subject to change based on circumstance. Fees are non-negotiable.

Family application fee: $100 (non-refundable)

*if you are using our service for a one-time occurrence or are an out of town guest, you are not required to pay the application fee*

If the family decides within 30 calendar days of their original nanny placement that they are not happy with their nanny, the agency will offer a replacement with no additional fee OR a pro-rated refund at Concierge Nanny Service’s discretion.  It is Concierge Nanny Service’s privilege to use their discretion on whether or not a replacement nanny will be provided. If the second placement is not successful, no money will be refunded to the client and Agency does not have an obligation to fulfill the Client needs for a nanny. The client understands and agrees that they are responsible for contacting and speaking directly to a representative of Concierge Nanny Services, to inform the agency of any situation that may cause a nanny to quit or if there is any possibility of the nanny not working with the family. Depending on the situation at the discretion of Concierge Nanny Services, we will do our best to provide another nanny if we are able to provide such accommodations.

**these conditions are outlined in detail in our family/agency contract that will be provided at in-home consultation**

Each family is different and deserves the utmost attention and care when choosing a nanny for their children.  After an application is complete, Concierge Nanny Services will contact the family within 24 hours to finalize details about the position, sign a contract, and discuss fees.  Finding the perfect nanny can be stressful, we want to take that burden away from families.  Let us do the work to make the perfect match!

Nanny Engagement Fee: $250.00 This fee is applies toward the nanny search and extensive background screening.

Nanny Placement Fees: paid to the agency via invoice - (these fees do not include the nanny’s hourly wage or any payroll fees incurred-If choosing to have our agency handle payroll, then family pays additional 20% monthly fee based on nanny monthly earnings)

  • Full-time nanny placement $2,500-$5000  one-time fee - (36+ hours per week is considered full time)
  • Part-time nanny placement $1,550-$3,500 one-time fee
  • Full-time mother's helper placement $1,500-$3,000 one-time fee
  • Part-time mother's helper placement $1,000-$2,850 one-time fee
  • Governess Full-time placement $2,000-$4,500 one-time fee
  • Governess Part-time placement $1,200-$3,500 one-time fee
  • House Manager Full-time $2,225-$5,000 one-time fee
  • House Manager Part-time $1,500-3,500 one-time fee

Rates are based on state location

*These placement fees DO NOT INCLUDE the nanny’s hourly rate*

Special event fee: $250 paid to the agency ($25/hour for nanny services for 1-2 children. 3+ $40 hour per family) Wedding/Reception rate is the same paid to the agency

*All Nanny jobs must be a minimum of 4 hours paid, whether you use the Nanny for 4 hours or not*

Hotel Concierge Nanny rates: ($25/hour for nanny services for 1-2 children. 3+ $40 hour per family) paid to the agency

Overnight fee: $25/hour for 1-2 children. 3+ $40 per hour paid to the agency

24 hour notice $100 one time fee paid to the agency

48 hour notice $75 one time fee paid to the agency

*If there are multiple families, each family will be expected to pay the nannies a fair amount agreed upon between the families and agency.

*Number of Nanny(s) needed will be determined on age and number of children according to the state law on child to nanny ratio.

*if you are using our Nanny for ONE TIME ONLY (ONE DAY), there will not be an application fee; however, you will still be required to fill out an application, so we have your information*

If you require travel and lodging for your nanny, it must be paid in full PRIOR to travel. Nanny will not be required to pay any up-front costs

If your hotel concierge nanny incurs parking fees during your hotel stay, you will be required to reimburse her.

Cancellation fees

Hotel/Event/Wedding concierge nanny cancellation fee

  • 24 hour notice $50 fee
  • 48 hour notice $25 fee

Regular nanny cancellation fee

  • 24 hours notice $75 fee
  • 48 hours notice $50 fee
  • 1 week notice $25 fee