In-Home Nanny

Concierge Nanny Services offers more than nanny services to your family.  In addition to nanny services, we now also offer a Culinary Nutritionist to come in to your home and cook healthy family meals that even the kiddos will love!

On your family application please check what service you are requesting and you can choose multiple if needed (House Manager, and Culinary Nutritionist) and we will do all the work to find the best fit for your family.

We will meet with your family for an in-home consultation for a small fee to determine exactly what your needs are.  Our goal is to find the perfect nanny for your family.  After we meet with you, we will go through our extensive nanny database as well as use of other resouces at our finger tips. We will use an algorith based on what your unique family needs.  We will then select the 3 best candidates for your family and contact you to set up a family/nanny interview in a public place for you to personally interview the 3 nannies at which time your family will select the nanny that best suits your family’s needs.  Once you decide on the perfect nanny for your family, you will then exchange details with the nanny such as address and contact information.

WIth Concierge Nanny Services we offer families two different options for rendering nanny services.  If your family decides to handle all payroll processing and fees including benefits, then your family will pay just a nanny placement for nanny services to begin.  This fee also covers the on-boarding process including assisting with your nanny contract.  Each family has a customized package and can vary by state.

The other great option we offer is to let us handle payroll for you!  We will pay your nanny directly and we will bill your family each month for your nanny's hourly rate plus a 20% agency fee.  If paid annually, your family is reponsible for 15% of your nanny's annual earnings up front.



All of our nannies are either currently receiving a college level education or they have a minimum of a Bachelors in Childhood Development.  We conduct an extensive background check on all nanny applicants, this includes sex offender registry, criminal history, safe driving record, history of child abuse or neglect, and verify 3 professional and character references.  We also require that each nanny have infant and child CPR certification along with Lifeguard certification.  If your child has any intellectual or physical disabilities, we will pay special attention to nannies who have experience working with physically and mentally disabled children.

When hiring a nanny, the things to consider are; hourly wage, guaranteed hours, sick days, personal time off, and yearly bonuses.  These extras will be negotiated at time of your family/nanny contract.  Most familes have a 1 year contract with option of renewal.